A luxury portrait experience hand-crafted just for you!


Why do we, especially women, love having photographs?
Maybe because it helps us remember. Remember how we felt unstoppable graduating, how sexy we felt when we got dressed up and played Burlesque in our bedrooms, how one look gives us butterflies, especially looking in the eyes of those we love warms our heart. 

If you're here, there's probably something happening in your life right now that you want to remember for the rest of your life and be able to look back on to recall every detail of this moment in time. 

Planning and styling gorgeous custom portrait sessions requires much attention to detail, and we want you to have an unforgettable portrait experience that gives you beautiful images without stress, so we included the following services with all of our portrait reservations: 


Complimentary Phone Consultation
Every service begins with a Complimentary Phone Consultation to ensure we understand your vision for your portrait session and can give you a custom quote for your custom Fine Art Portrait session. 

In-Home Virtual Style Consultation
Home is where the heart is and we want to be sure to capture the purest essence of you during your portrait session. During your Virtual Style Consult, we'll tour your home and office to begin designing your shoot with your style and needs in mind. 

Wardrobe Styling: Wardrobe Assitance + Complimentary Makeover
Using the designs from your Style Consultation, our team will provide wardrobe guidance to help you prepare for your shoot. On the day of your shoot, you'll be treated to complimentary hair and makeup styling to help you feel pampered and relaxed before your photoshoot.

Set Design with ARTfully Directed Photoshoot
Immediately after your Style Consultation, we'll begin designing your set and shoot map so that on the day of the shoot we can gracefully guide you through your portraits, leaving you with nothing to worry about except being beautiful. 

Slideshow Presentation + In-Person Ordering Appointment
A couple of days after your shoot, you'll be invited back to view your images in a custom photo slideshow. After your slideshow, we'll review your images one by one to select your favorites and complete your portrait order. And of course, your slideshow is yours to enjoy. 

Full-Service Fine Art Printing: Master Retouching + Wall Art Installation, Albums, Greeting Cards and Gifts
No portrait is finished until it is printed and displayed somewhere to be admired for years to come. Every Fine Art Portrait includes Master Retouching with a digital copy of your purchased portraits. For your portrait order, we'll design heirloom wall art galleries, albums, and folio boxes as the final presentation for your new custom artwork.

Lifetime Product Guarantee 
Each of our Heirloom Fine Art Products includes a life-time guarantee for your portrait artwork to ensure your artwork is around for generations for your family to enjoy. 


Portrait Session Reservations start at $999. All portrait sessions include the services listed above,

a custom photo slideshow, and complimentary 8x10" print or $350 print credit.

Click here to schedule your Complimentary Consultation. 


Common Photoshoot Fears

"The images in your portfolio look like they're from a magazine-- there's no way I can look like that!"

So many people feel this way, so rest assured in knowing that you are not alone <3. Truthfully, if you could make images that looked like mine on your own, you wouldn't need to hire me. 


"I am NOT photogenic!"

It is not your job to be photogenic, as your photographer, that's my job. Your only job is to show up, relax, and leave the rest to us. I've been studying posing for the last five years and know the most flattering poses for all body types and how to find the most flattering angles for your face shape. When you leave your photoshoot, you'll know all the posing tricks stars use on the red carpet and have the confidence to look and feel amazing whenever a camera is pointed your way-- I promise. 


"I have never liked a photograph of myself."

Sadly, this is a common expression. I've worked with many women, and a lot of them have shared how they've gone their entire lives dreading having their portrait made. But let me tell you a secret: how you feel about yourself while having your photo taken will reflect in your photograph. So, if you FEEL amazing (which you will after your makeover and styling!) that energy will reflect in your photographs, and THAT is what makes you photogenic. Fair warning: most of my clients tend to have the opposite problem and love ALL of their portraits from our photoshoot. 


"I don't have anything to wear, and I have no idea what to bring!"

Have no fear, we'll tackle styling and wardrobe together! Before your photoshoot, I'll come to your home for a planning consultation and we'll go over all the details of your shoot. By the time I leave, you'll know exactly what everyone will be wearing so that on the day of your shoot all you'll have to do is grab your outfits and be on your way. 


"I'm nervous about booking a newborn session, what if baby comes before or after their scheduled session?"

As a mom of two and a photographer who has worked with many other mothers, I totally understand how babies, especially newborns, can have their own set of plans. Every Newborn, Birth, and Fresh 48 photoshoots are considered "on-call" sessions; just like your EDD, your photoshoot date is an estimation of when we can expect you for your Newborn, Birth, and/or Fresh 48 portraits. If baby is early or late, we'll make the necessary adjustments to accommodate your little one's birth date. 


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