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I am sooooo excited to say I can now offer in-studio maternity portraits! This is HUGE because I’ve had mamas request to stay indoors for their shoot, or there have been times when we were rained out of our location, and, since babies come when they please, it’s not always possible to reschedule a maternity shoot before baby makes their grand entrance.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been working on figuring out how to still give beautiful portraits in-studio without having to ask clients to rent a separate space. And I think I’ve figured it out.

Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell


This mama had a very specific, yet simple, vision in mind for her shoot, and it worked perfectly in our space. Honestly, I was worried we wouldn’t have many good shots, but I ended up having a hard time deciding which images to edit for her reveal.

Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA

She didn’t want to look at the camera (personal preference of hers), but we still got a ton of great angles with different types of light setups to give her even more diversity in her gallery.

Above, is the simple beauty light setup, and below is her backlight set up.

Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell

The best part about in-studio maternity shoots? Mamas not having to be nervous about people watching as they shoot. This mama even got excited about doing a fine-art nude setup (not pictured), along with some drama-ish shots (below).


Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA


Then there’s the big question: But what if I REALLY want outdoor portraits?

No worries. I got you covered.

There’s a park not too far from our space, and it’s perfect for adding on a quick outdoor segment to your session.

Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA
Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA
Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA
Oakland Maternity Portrait Photography by TeAirra Mitchell
Maternity Photography in Oakland, CA


For booking inquiries, please visit www.teairramitchell.com/inquiry. Don’t forget to ask about our Maternity and Newborn Bundles!

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Why Custom Portraits? https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2018/6/Why-Custom-Portraits morethanpics.pngI’ve tried offering portrait services a few different ways throughout my photography journey.


In the beginning, I just wanted to get people in front of my camera. At the time, all I really knew was how to make a proper exposure, and I just wanted to get as much practice as possible to build a portfolio, start “marketing”, yadda, yadda.

And I did.

And eventually, I felt good enough to charge (a whole other story for another day), and suddenly, I had a photography business. As most new photographers, my session fee included all the images from the session in some type of digital format (new business experiments and such) and I had products I tried to sell, but I had no clue what I was doing–  it was just a hot mess.



TMP’s business experiments continued, testing what various industry leaders had to say about ISP (in-Person Sales), online sales, selling products, ditching digitals, only selling this, and only selling that…

Obviously, there is more than one way to run a photography business. But, naturally, I started to refine exactly how I wanted to run my business.


Low-Volume, High-Touch


I didn’t want a high-volume studio; I wanted to have personal encounters with my clients. I wanted them to feel like they were coming to see an old friend when they booked their session.


Stylized Shoots

I wanted clients to feel like they were models in a magazine shoot; stylized hair, makeup, and wardrobe were a must. I wanted clients to be able to just show up, play dress-up, and have an amazing photoshoot.


Ready-to-Hang Products

I wanted to sell beautiful products because I LOVE those products, and I can’t wait to buy a house and fill my walls up with portraits of our family. I felt if I could show other moms how beautiful these products were, they’d understand why they needed them. What mom doesn’t love seeing big adorable photos of their babies all over the place?



I wanted to do all of this while being a mom to my baby (now, babies). Which further validated my low-volume preference =]

So, that’s how I made the decision to revamp into a full-service custom portrait studio. Of course, there’s a lot more depth to it all, but, you get the picture.

Pun intended =]


I didn’t want to give a mediocre experience, I wanted to give my clients something they would always remember. And maybe, they can relive all the love and joy that went into making those portraits each time they walk past it, or look through their album, or open up the folio box. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll find stories to share as they look at the portraits with loved ones, eventually passing the stories down for generations.

I want it to be special. As special as the love they have for the people they created their images for.

So, if you’re looking for more than just some pictures, maybe you and I should chat =]

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My Photography Love Story https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2018/6/My-Photography-Love-Story Lately I’ve been getting the question, “What made you want to be a photographer?”

The simple version of the answer is: I just have a burning desire to capture beauty.


While the simple answer is very true, there’s a bit more to the story.

I’ve always been in love with photography. When I was 7 years old, my mom gave me a toy camera for Christmas. It was a clear pink plastic wind-up camera. She probably gifted me the toy camera because she had gotten tired of getting me the disposable cameras since I had spent that year filling them up and taking them to the drug store to get developed. How I loved that little toy camera. I would stalk my family and friends, waiting for the perfect moment to capture the perfect expression. I was fascinated by capturing people then, and still am now.

Starting in middle school, I became known by my friends and classmates to always have a camera on me. I couldn’t quite describe the burning desire to “freeze time,” as I would say, but it was there, and it was strong, and it never ceased.

I knew I wanted to be a photographer, but I thought the only way was to work for someone else.

“The Belly that Started it All” – Self Portrait, TeAirra Mitchell 

In 2013 we were expecting our first child, and that burning desire became even stronger. Naturally, I wanted to record as much of our daughter’s milestones as I possibly could, but I also wanted to finally figure out how to become a photographer. So, I typed into the Google search engine “how to be a photographer.” Expecting to see articles explaining the process of being an intern at some magazine firm or newspaper, I was surprised to see pages and pages of blogs and articles explaining how to start a photography business.

Instantly, that burning desire turned into a full fire, and the rest is history.

There I was, sitting for hours in the dark at our kitchen table, realizing that I could not only make my dream of being a professional photographer come true, but I could start a business that would allow me the flexibility to be the mom I wanted to be. At the time, it sounded simple enough: write a business plan, set some prices, build a portfolio, and open the business. Boom, instant professional photographer.

Needless to say, it wasn’t that simple.

Once our daughter arrived, I could not wait to begin creating beautiful portraits of her and recording all her milestones with all of the amazingly adorable ideas I put into my portfolio plans. When she was 7 days old, I shot her newborn photos— well, I attempted to shoot her newborn photos.

During the “shoot,” I was so excited. I was swooning over the little headbands I bought from Burlington’s, so proud of how I matched them against the swirly fur fabric I found at Joann’s, and so in love with how precious my little one looked.

I imported the images to Lightroom, picked my favorites to edit, and completed my first set of newborn photos. Unfortunately, my excitement didn’t last much longer once I posted the images in a photography group I found on Facebook.

They ripped those pictures of my precious little girl apart (they were pretty bad though lol). I was crushed. I had failed my first newborn shoot. More importantly, I failed to get those beautiful portraits of my first-born that I had desperately wanted.

Although I’ve had moments where I wanted to quit, this wasn’t one of them. Instead, my failure pushed me to get it right. I knew I still had some things to learn before I was ready to be a professional photographer.

I took to Google, looking for any resources on photography basics. Google searches led to free blogs and articles, which led to YouTube gurus, and finally, I began investing in education. I spent every possible minute soaking up anything I could about the business and art of photography. Even in all the researching, studying, and practicing, I still didn’t quite understand why this was all so important to me.

What was it about photography that could drive me to go months without sleep in a quest to “get it right”?

Time went by, and I started working with my first paying clients. After we worked together, I would often hear things like, “Oh, I love these pictures, thank you!” and, that was nice and all, but I still felt like something was missing.

It wasn’t until I tried my hand at boudoir portraits that it finally clicked.

At my first boudoir event, I worked with four ladies. Each lady had all of these things they didn’t like about themselves, but I didn’t really understand what they didn’t like. They were all gorgeous to me, and whenever they would tell me their biggest insecurities about their bodies, I remember thinking, “What? Why don’t you like your [insert body part]?” Which was often followed by me thinking “I would KILL to have [insert body part] like yours!”

The responses I got from those ladies once they received their images literally brought tears to my eyes.

Boudoir Photography
Portrait from very first TMP boudoir event. (2015)


Every one of them told me that they couldn’t believe it was them in their portraits, that they never thought they could look that beautiful. One of the husbands of the ladies even sent an email to thank me because his wife was more confident than he had seen in a long time since she’d received her images.

When I look at a person, I see more than their face, more than their insecurities, I see a story. When I talk to that same person, I can see the story come to life before my eyes. I see beyond their physical features, I feel their energy; then their energy just radiates in front of me and I HAVE to capture it, I HAVE to tell their story so that they can see what I see. So they can see the beauty in their story, even when it may not be the picture perfect fairy tale they hoped for.

It may sound cliché, but everyone has a beauty about them.

Everyone: the mom preparing to bring a life into this world, the new baby gracing the earth with their innocence, the woman who just found out she’s ill, the child that would rather throw a tantrum than give a hug, the family that bickers about everything, the sisters who barely see each other, the young lady who’s about to become a wife, the grandmother who found out she’ll have a great granddaughter soon; the women who think they have 20 pounds to lose, the women who have 20 pounds they want to gain, and the women who just want to be loved for who they are.

We all have a story to be told, and we all have beauty to capture. I believe this with every fiber of my being, and THAT is why I wanted to open TeAirra Mitchell Photography.


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Milestone Mini Sessions – July 7th 2018 https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2018/6/Milestone-Mini-Sessions-July-7th-2018 2018MilestoneMinis


Get adorable portraits of your favorite baby this July with a photoshoot specially crafted to capture the tiny features of babies 30 days to 12 months old. TeAirra Mitchell Photography is hosting a one-day Milestone Minis special to give moms a memorable portrait experience with their little ones Saturday, July 7th, in Oakland, CA.

This 30-minute portrait reservation includes the props and outfits needed for the session, along with a full-set of poses to give moms a gallery of beautiful “no-fuss” portraits to remember these precious moments of her sweet baby.

Perfect for mom’s who want to update their baby’s memory book, or get some cute shots for this year’s holiday cards, the Milestone Minis special includes wardrobe and props provided for baby, a 30-minute photo shoot, a viewing gallery of 12 fully-retouched images, one 5×5″ photobook of 10 images, and 3 digital downloads available in an online gallery. All for a limited-time offer of $300


To book your Milestone Mini-Session, you can visit our online store by clicking here.

For more specials from TeAirra Mitchell Photography, visit our newest page on the site: www.teairramitchell.com/Oakland-Photo-Specials


For moms who want to be in the photos with their babies, ask about our Motherly Package upgrade; an additional setup to include mom all dressed-up with her baby, with hair and makeup provided. 

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Valentine’s Day Giveaway https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2018/1/Valentine-s-Day-Giveaway FINAL vdaygiveaway-singleSQUARE

It’s February 1st, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Now, before you start thinking about everything you need to get in order for the kids, the gift you had in mind for your partner, or the fancy dinner you’re going to host for all of your friends, what are you doing for YOU this Valentine’s Day?

If you’re anything like me like most moms and/or wives, you had no plans lovin’ on yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Well, ladies (and gents, too), do I have news for you!

I’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with an amazing Bay Area based makeup artist, who travels across the country helping brides slay on their wedding day, and her name is Allie Yamaguchi. Allie and I both have a personal mission with our work to help women embrace their true beauty, Allie with her makeup artistry, and I with my portraits.

FINAL vdaygiveaway-couple

This Valentine’s Day, we are hosting the Heart Day Giveaway where one lucky winner will win a makeover with Allie Yamaguchi and photo shoot with yours truly. You can use the prize all for yourself, or invite your partner, or even gift it to someone who may need a pick-me-up this Valentine’s Day.

The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2018, and they will be able to book their makeover and photo shoot session. The photo shoot will also include a credit of $100 that may be used towards additional photo services or portrait products.

FINAL vdaygiveaway-boudoir

To enter:

  1. Head over to your Instagram and follow both @teairramitchell and @allieyamagichi
  2. Post one of the #HeartDayGiveAway18 flyers (scattered though this blog post and on our timelines) on your timeline with hashtag “#heartdaygiveaway18”
  3. Tag three of your friends who you think would like to win a makeover and photo shoot in the caption of your post.

All entries must be submitted by 2/13/18 at 11:59pm. **This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administrated by, or associated with Instagram. **


So, there you have it, a nice way to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day. I hope to see your entry.

Good luck!

FINAL vdaygiveaway-beauty

For info on wedding and portrait services by TeAirra Mitchell Photography, please visit www.teairramitchell.com.

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Open for 2018 https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2018/1/Open-for-2018 TMP is officially back from Winter Break!

2017 was a pretty good year for us: we had a new baby, I finally began working full-time as a photographer, and I was graced with a many humbling life-lessons, which I’m always grateful for.

One major thing that happened last year was the Revamp. I had planned on keeping everyone updated on the in’s and out’s of everything that was happening as it happened, but, I’m not going to lie, adjusting to full-time momtrepreneur was more than I anticipated. With that said, the Revamp brought many changes internally, that shouldn’t affect you all too much, and some changes that you won’t help but be able to notice.

Ultimately, the Revamp was the first step to turning TMP into a full-service Wedding and Portrait Studio. A larger studio space is in the works, but it was absolutely necessary to establish some new systems to make sure our clients have a portrait experience they’ll never forget.

mom and baby newborn photo

Refined Booking System
I’m excited to say that we have been booking more and more sessions (you may want to check out our FAQ about how early to book your sessions), which also meant we needed to revisit some things to create a system that allows us to take in more inquiries without them getting lost among the many other emails coming in.

Now, when you’re ready to book your portrait reservation, we have a new client portal system to keep track of all of the details of your session and portrait order. The best part, all you have to do is send the inquiry from our Inquiry Form and you’ll automatically be sent booking information and be added into our studio queue.


Custom Styling + Styling Guide
In the past, clients often came to me saying that they didn’t know what to wear to their session, or how to do their hair and makeup, and since this was for their portraits, it could sometimes be stressful. To ensure you get the best experience when planning for your portraits, you will have a one-on-one style consult where we’ll talk about how you want to look in your portraits and go over every detail.

We will discuss everything from basic wardrobe, to hair and makeup, and even any insecurities you may have about your body so that I can plan on how to pose you. The goal for every session is to create beautiful pictures that you love with all of your heart, and the Custom Styling + Styling Guide allows you to truly design the perfect portrait session.



In-Person Reveal + Order Session
Ok, so in the past, figuring out how to sell portrait products was tough for me, but there is something so powerful in holding a physical portrait. I cannot begin to describe the joy that wells up in my heart when I hold portraits of my own family. And if I’m truly being transparent, I get the feeling as I’m putting the final touches of my client’s orders. Seriously, printing your portraits is such an important part of your portrait process, and I want all of my clients to have gorgeous heirloom portraits that leave a legacy for their family’s future generations.  

When your portraits are ready, clients are invited to return to see their images and choose their favorites to build their Portrait Order using our simple pricing menu. Being in-person allows whatever questions you have to be answered right then, taking out the hassle of sending emails back and forth, playing phone tag, and putting more time between you and your final product. We want you to get excited about designing your portrait display, and we’re here to help however we can.


hair and makeup for photos

New Service
Remember how I said clients often were overwhelmed by hair and makeup? Well, now we will have (drumroll please!)….


Yes, friends! TMP now has a hair and makeup artist to help ease the stress of achieving that picture-perfect look for  your portraits.

“Who is this artist?” you may ask, well, that is a blog saved for another day, so stay tuned for the big introduction.


Well, friends, that’s all I have for you this post. I’ll be back to share some stories from TMP and give more insight into who we are as a company, but for now I just want to say: thank you for reading.


You can find TMP online at www.teairramitchell.com.

Follow me on IG @teairramitchell for day-to-day updates on TMP, quotes, tips, and my life as a Momtrepreneur.

Like us on Facebook for more TMP updates, DIY’s and behind-the-scenes.


Best Ways to Contact

Phone calls are by appointment only

Email: info@teairramitchell.com

Inquiries: www.teairramitchell.com/inquiry

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Styling Your Fall Family Portraits https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2017/11/Styling-Your-Fall-Family-Portraits One of the most common things I hear from clients is, “I have no idea how we should dress.”

No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Keller 2017 1

Portraits are created to immortalize a moment in time, and often, these portraits are displayed front and center in your home. The pressure to look good is a little heavy, and that’s where I step in with my clients.

During their Style Consult, we talk a lot about the look they are going for. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want, and other times they have no clue. When I sit down to plan a client’s session, here’s what we do:

  1. Choose a style. 
    When you submit an inquiry form on our website, we ask how you would like to be photographed, and include some examples to choose from; this is your desired Style (or Styles).
    The mom from this Fall Family Portrait session knew she wanted everyone to dress classically: dressy attire, but not too over the top. So we went from there.


    Keller 2017 4

  2. Decide on colors. 
    How are you planning to display your portraits? If you’re thinking of a room in your home, you may want to consider having a pallet that compliments the room you have in mind. Or maybe there is a holiday card design you’ve been eyeing, think of colors that will look good in that layout.
    We wanted to go for a gold and cream look here, and we knew Burgundy would offer a nice contrast, especially considering our shooting location.



  3. Book hair and makeup appointments. 
    Even if you feel you can do your own hair and makeup, take it from me, it’s so much better to treat yourself to booking with a stylist and makeup artist. Not only are you guaranteed to look amazing for your shoot, but you’ll also be a lot more relaxed with one less thing to worry about.
    For this shoot, the mom’s hair was styled by @taylordhair and her makeup was done by @allieyamaguchi. Be sure to check out these ladies’ Instagrams, especially if you’re looking for artists for the upcoming holidays.



  4. Accessorize.
    Accessories will truly make or break your shoot. Sure, “less is more,” but I would love to style a session with many shiny and sparkly pieces. =]
    The dress was our accessory for this shoot. I found it in my studio stash and instantly knew it would be perfect for this style. (Yes, I do look for outfits for my clients, but only if they let me.)


  5. Rock the shoot! 
    Now that you have all the styling components for your shoot, get out there and work it! Even if you’re a bit nervous, your photographer should be able to direct you into poses that flatter you. No need to worry about if you “look good,” your photographer has that under control.
    As I tell my clients, “Relax, and be beautiful!”



Just remember, your portrait experience should be enjoyable. And with a little planning and preparation, you will absolutely love them.

To see more images from this session, click here. If you would like more information on booking services with TeAirra Mitchell Photography, please reach out on our website. We’d love to hear from you!

Want inspiration on what to wear for your Fall Family Portraits, check out our board on Pinterest. 

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Re-Introduction https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2017/11/Re-Introduction Last week, I published a TMP blog for the first times in a long time (since June, I believe), and the one post was an entire ordeal that felt like such a struggle for me.
But first, a bit of an introduction may be in order due to my absence for such a period of time. I’m TeAirra; most people call me TeAirra, or some affectionate name they’ve bestowed upon me. I am a wife, mother, and budding entrepreneur (photography isn’t my only passion). I stay home with my littles, running my business whilst being Mommy. My life can sometimes seem overwhelming, but, oh, how I love every moment of sweet, agonizingly amazing love and chaos– and I mean that with every piece of my soul.
When I first began Light From My Soul– I can only rub my forehead and chuckle– I had no idea what I was doing.
I knew I wanted it to have at least some personal touch. After all, “Light From My Soul” seems a bit deeper than just some marketing pieces here and there, but that’s what happened; the blog slowly began to fill up with TMP marketing pieces here and there. And in a way, I feel like that’s what happened in my business. I began doing the things I thought I was suppose to do, the things that were required of every “professional photographer.”
Which worked pretty well for awhile, but photography began to lose it’s spark with me.
But then, after some soul searching and a many sleepless nights, I realized I still hadn’t accomplished what I set out to do. I’d become stuck in a cycle of “good enough”, and I wanted more. I wanted my clients to have more. I wanted the business to give more. TMP was always designed to be more of a luxury service, but we know the saying, “Rome wasn’t built overnight”
It was time to get back in gear. Thus, the Revamp.
And man, did the Revamp whip me into shape, but that’s a story for another day.
I made a decision, that no matter how many sleepless nights, how many mistakes, how many rejections, how many obstacles, I’m going to put this vision into action. I’m going to put ALL my visions into action. The only difference between those who are successful and those who are not is one put in the work, and one did not.  And I’m here to put in all the work.
Hello, I’m TeAirra, and I am here to live my life apologetically. I invite you to do the same.
KD_DBSnowdrops (1)Me-1marked.png
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2018 Family Portraits https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2017/11/2018-Family-Portraits November is in full swing, and you know what that means? That’s right: Family Portraits!

I shoot a lot of maternity and newborn portraits, but that doesn’t mean I don’t shoot families. Actually, since I meet a majority of my families during their pregnancy, I usually get to see them once a year after for their family portraits.

Family Session Marketing Blog 1

Fall Family Portraits are  quite popular for a few reasons:

  1. Fall gives a Golden Hour that is totally worth keeping the kids out a bit past bedtime (Daylight Savings makes it even earlier).
  2. The leaves are changing and gives a backdrop of yummy warm autumn tones.
  3. Holiday Cards need to be made and mailed, and what  makes a better Holiday Card than a gorgeous family portrait?

Family Session Marketing Blog 2



Right now, we are offering a free set of Holiday Cards with your Family Portrait reservation. Choose a design from out catalog, and maybe even custom postage stamps, to give Holiday Gifts your family and friends will surely adore.

For more information, submit an inquiry form at www.teairramitchell.com/inquiry and we’ll send over some information right away.

There’s still time to get beautiful family portraits, just be sure to reach out today.

Family Session Marketing Blog 3

Want a closer look at a Family Portrait Session? Here are a few of my favorites from a recent Fall Family Portrait session.


Click here to view the entire gallery.

Hair done by Taylor’d Hair, check out her IG!

Dress from Oak and Arrow (their Grand Opening is November 11th, 2017!), check out their IG.

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Excuse the Mess, We’re Revamping https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2017/6/Excuse-the-Mess-We-re-Revamping excuse the mess - bannerIf you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed gaps in our posts. Well, sometime in December of 2016, I felt it was time to reevaluate TMP. I was nine months pregnant at this time and spent the final days of pregnancy as well as the first few months after our daughter was born examining the TMP brand for areas I could improve. Now, the examining, studying, and planning is done and it’s time to initiate a revamp!

Why the revamp?

3 years ago, I decided to embark on the journey of building a photography business because I wanted to give mamas the gift of having nice pictures of their little ones and the bellies that those little ones were carried in. As time went on, I added services while deciding to specialize in Maternity and Newborn portraits, but always felt something was missing. Sure TMP has been growing and doing pretty well, but with each client, I would find two or three things I wished I would have done differently. Recently, I’ve realized I’ve lost focus of what was most important to me in my business: the women I was creating these portraits for.

The purpose behind this revamp is to bring the focus back to these women, their babies, the partners who love and support them, the new chapters of their lives, and any other reason that is significant enough for them to decide to document through photography.

What will be changing?

I’m transitioning TMP into a full-service Wedding and Portrait studio, meaning from start to finish every detail of our clients’ experience with us will be tailored to them and the artwork they want as keepsakes for their homes. I’ll be updating my portfolio, adding services and products, and simplifying pricing.

Keepsakes clients may want could be wall art hung as large individual pieces or group of portraits hung to create an in-home portrait gallery. Or perhaps you would rather keep your walls as they are and would prefer to have a gorgeous folio box to hold many portraits or have a handcrafted album designed with your portraits. I want our clients to have many options for custom products, and I want our clients to know that the possibilities are endless.

With all these changes taking place, they key focus overall is to provide a simple structure that makes our clients’ experience enjoyable and unforgettable. Great communication, excellent service, and quality products are a part of the improved structure, with client satisfaction being our top priority.

What will be affected during the Revamp?

While everything is under construction the TMP website and social media platforms will be changing, and some technical difficulties are sure to arise. These platforms will be quiet for awhile, and I will slowly resume posting in about a month or so. My responses will be slower, session availability will be limited (we are open during construction), and other complications I can’t even begin to fathom may occur, but I will do my best to address issues that come up as swiftly as possible. I apologize in advance for any inconveniences.

What does that mean for you, reading this?

The whole motivation behind this revamp is the satisfaction of you, the client (and also our fans!). So I want to hear from you, tell me what you’ve like most about TMP until this point, tell me what you would like to see done differently, let me know what you’re most excited about the revamp and any suggestions you may have. You can click here to complete a survey, or leave a comment below.

If you would like to be kept in the loop about the Revamp, including being the first to know when the relaunch will happen and how you can participate, sign up for our email list here.

Thank you to everyone that has shown their love and support to TMP over the last few years. I’m forever grateful for the feedback you’ve all given, the good, bad, and the ugly. Even more so, thank you for allowing me to be me and pushing me to be better. The experiences I’ve had on this journey have been priceless in my growth spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Words could never express the gratitude I feel and I hope to be even better with TMP 2.0.

Stay tuned for more updates, I’m excited for what’s to come, and I hope you are too!

info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2017/6/Excuse-the-Mess-We-re-Revamping Thu, 15 Jun 2017 11:01:39 GMT
Fall Mini-Sessions 2016 https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2016/9/Fall-Mini-Sessions-2016-1 fallminissmpl-6

It’s been awhile since TeAirra Mitchell Photography has had a Mini-Session event, but I really miss hosting them. The kids are always so full of personality and the galleries are just so adorable to edit! Since the time for holiday cards and personalized gifts are quickly approaching, I figured why not have Fall Mini-Sessions?

Read on to get more info on TMP’s 2016 Fall Minis. Already know you want to reserve your session? Scroll straight to the bottom for booking details =]


What are the 2016 Fall Minis?

2016 Fall Mini-Sessions will be at an outdoor location in Oakland that has a variety of backgrounds perfect for capturing little ones in their fall attire. With trees, tall grass, and a beautiful sky background,  the Fall Mini-Session galleries are sure to have images that you can’t help but swoon over.


All Fall Mini-Sessions are short and sweet at 20-minutes long, and will highlight the personality of the mini-people in your life. For these minis, we’ve done away with props and busy backdrops so that the kiddos are what make the images truly unique. To create a fall feel, each image will be custom edited to bring out the colors of the season, giving your artwork a clean and natural look.


The little model in our test shoot (my darling daughter) was showing off her “pretty dress” from Posh Peanut Children’s Boutique where they have a beautiful variety of gorgeous dresses, rompers, and accessories for any little girl’s photo shoot. For ideas on what your little one can wear to their Fall Mini-Session, check out this fall-inspired style board we put together on Pinterest. As always, remember that you can reach out to us for a complimentary pre-consultation so we can bounce around wardrobe ideas for your mini-session.


When will they be and how can I book?

2016 Fall Mini-Sessions will be held in Oakland on Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th, with each mini-session including 20-minutes of shooting time, three 5×7″ prints, a 16×20″ frame of your favorite image from your mini-session gallery (a $675 value), and 25% off any custom card holiday order made during 2016 for a sitting fee of $150. You can reserve your mini-session slot with a signed contract and retainer fee of $75, and the remaining balance due the day of your mini-session. We will send the location’s address upon the reservation of your booking.

For more information on the TeAirra Mitchell Photography Mini-Sessions, visit www.teairramitchell.com/minis.

Don’t forget that you can save 15% off your mini-session and receive $100 towards your mini-session portrait order by referring a friend. To see more ways to get the most of your portrait investment, have a look at the TeAirra Mitchell Photography Loyalty Program. 

info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) Children's Photography Mini Sessions TeAirra Mitchell Photography bay area children's photographer bay area mini sessions bay area photographer bay area photography children children's mini-sessions children's photography children's pictures children's portraits fall mini sessions https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2016/9/Fall-Mini-Sessions-2016-1 Wed, 28 Sep 2016 18:09:05 GMT
Ocean Beach Maternity Session | Bay Area Maternity Photography | San Francisco, CA https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2016/4/Ocean-Beach-Maternity-Session-Bay-Area-Maternity-Photography-San-Francisco-CA Lately, photo sessions at TeAirra Mitchell Photography have been a little slow. The weather has been gloomy and stormy so on location photography isn’t the most popular around this time of year. But the weather is starting to warm up, the days are beginning to get longer, and mamas are announcing their pregnancies left and right.

Ocean Beach Maternity Photography 4


When Jasmine emailed me about a maternity session, I was over the moon! I’ve so missed seeing that special maternal glow, the way dad’s smile at the woman carrying their little ones, and the excitement from the anticipation of it all. Finally, I get to work gorgeous mamas and their baby bellies! And imagine my excitement when I found out that this mama was expecting two little girls—there are no words.


© TeAirra Mitchell Photography - Jasmine-17


Throughout the whole week of the shoot, we were worried about the storm that was due to roll in on the day of our shoot. Luckily, the storm decided to come a day later, leaving us with breathtaking skies and clouds during the shoot; sunset shoot, at Ocean Beach, over Sutro Baths with a beautiful couple waiting on their first-born twin girls, simply perfection! The weather wasn’t too cool, the wind didn’t give us a hard time, and everything was perfect, down to the dress Jasmine brought in for her portraits.

© TeAirra Mitchell Photography - Jasmine-20 Ocean Beach Maternity Photography 3

I can only imagine what carrying twins must feel like, carrying one baby isn’t exactly a walk along the beach as it is, but Jasmine made it all seem so effortless and graceful. In the beginning she admitted she felt awkward taking pictures and being pregnant with twins (although she looked flawless), but she never once complained of discomfort either, and shared some pretty loving moments with Dad. They were both great to work with, and their gallery is my favorite maternity shoot to date.

Ocean Beach Maternity Photography 1

So, message to the all the mamas out there, even the ones carrying multiples:

Although you might feel larger that you care for, your belly feels like it might burst if those little people keep pushing around in there, and you just don’t feel as confident as you’d like, you’re beautiful despite it all. You’re creating the most precious little beings who are our future, and your maternity portraits will be an amazing part of your family’s legacy, so don’t let a few discomforts keep you from capturing this timeless moment in your family’s history. Find a photographer, find a dress you love, and get out there and have fun! Then enjoy the beautiful portraits that will result, that’s all there is to it.

Ocean Beach Maternity Photography 2 © TeAirra Mitchell Photography - Jasmine-28

For more information on Maternity Sessions by TeAirra Mitchell Photography, please visit our website and send us a contact form, we’d love to get in touch with you. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!

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Life, Love, & Dance | Bay Area Photographer | Wedding Photography https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/6/Life-Love-Dance-Bay-Area-Photographer-Wedding-Photography Ok, I know, the title sounds a tad bit cheesy, but bare with me for a bit. I promise it’ll make sense soon. 

Mariana + Frank 12 Mariana + Frank 1

Quick back story: Mariana and Frank decided to have a small courthouse wedding, but wanted to host a reception so they could celebrate their union with their loved ones– and what a celebration it was. 


Mariana + Frank 2 Mariana + Frank 6

Mariana + Frank 13

I met the groom, Frank, at his cousin’s wedding; he was the best man and I was the photographer. Frank’s family knows how to party, and how to show their guests a great time– I had a blast capturing that wedding reception! To add to their party skills, Frank’s family also had an amazing love for life that was felt throughout both Frank’s, and his cousin’s wedding. And Frank’s bride’s family had the same amazing love for life. 

Mariana + Frank 10 Mariana + Frank 3

Mariana, Frank’s gorgeous bride, has a great family also. Her family traveled all the way from Brazil to celebrate Mariana’s wedding; Her beautiful mom and sisters, her sisters’ husbands, her father, and her nieces and nephews. Although they were few in number, they made up for it with their presence on the dance floor.  Seriously, their dance moves were breath taking! Just watching made we want to take a vacation in Brazil. I’m even trying to talk my husband into lessons :)  Put these two families together for a celebration, and you have one hot wedding reception; amazing dancing (from the entire family), great food, good company, hundreds of laughs and smiles– simply beautiful.


Mariana + Frank 7 Mariana + Frank 9

Everyone was enjoying themselves so much, we ran out of time for bride and groom portraits (but we were still able to sneak in a few). Even their little one joined in with the festivities! Mariana has such a beautiful, loving spirit, and Frank obviously knows he’s found the perfect wife in his lovely bride. Should he ever happen to forget, one look at her and their adorable little boy is all the reminder he’ll need; I’m sure of it.  I was lucky enough to witness two marriages in this family, and I can wait to capture all of their new memories in the years to come. 

Mariana + Frank 11

Mariana + Frank 4   Mariana + Frank 5 Mariana + Frank 8

info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) TeAirra Mitchell Photography Wedding Photography Weddings bay area wedding photographer bay area weddings bride and groom wedding reception weddings https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/6/Life-Love-Dance-Bay-Area-Photographer-Wedding-Photography Mon, 29 Jun 2015 03:45:17 GMT
To My Husband, on Father’s Day https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/6/To-My-Husband-on-Father-s-Day Hey Babe =]

Happy Father’s Day!

When we first started dating, you would always talk about how you wanted a daughter, “I want a Daddy’s Girl,” you would say. Then we found out I was pregnant. As badly as I wanted a boy, you just knew she was a girl. When the ultrasound tech said’ “Yep, her legs are nice and open, and she is definitely a girl,” I was a little surprised– but you weren’t. You knew you were getting your little girl.

Being married to you, and watching you grow as a husband, has been an amazing experience, but not nearly as amazing as you being a father to our child.

Listening to all the giggles and laughs you create, watching all the tickle fights and chases around the house; even knowing that one day, you’ll put on a tutu with her, and take her for a “Daddy-Daughter Day on the Town”, it all warms my heart so much.

The late nights staying up with me, trying to get her to stop fighting her sleep. Mornings waking up to breakfast bagel sandwiches, and having Dad’s hotdog dinners. All of it, means so much to me, and Maddie.

I see her throughout the day, going to the front door and asking “Dada?” as she waits for you to finally come home. The excitement in her eyes when she hears you turning the lock, and then her running to the door to get thrown in the air by her Daddy. The cuddles in bed as you sing along to “Let it Go,” with her. The amusement in taking Daddy-Daughter selfies, and decorating them with stickers. I see it all.

We see it all. Because you have a Daddy’s Girl who watches you, adores you, and loves you with all her little heart. She knows her Daddy loves her, and that he’s her best playmate, and the one who won’t let the crocodile tears get her candy–but she wouldn’t have it any other way. And neither would I.

On this Father’s Day, I just wanted to recognize you for the amazing father, husband, provider, and protector you are. Life without you, would hardly be life at all, and I thank God for you everyday. I hope you enjoy your day, even though I know you’re too humble to take it as “your day.”

I look forward to more years of parenting with you, and hopefully another little bundle we can add to our family. I love you, and Happy Father’s Day!  DadnMaddie

info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) Celebrate Life daddy daughter father's day happy father's day https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/6/To-My-Husband-on-Father-s-Day Sun, 21 Jun 2015 11:00:21 GMT
Beautiful Boudoir Session (Testimonial) | Bay Area Portrait Photographer| Boudoir Photography https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/6/Beautiful-Boudoir-Session-Testimonial-Bay-Area-Portrait-Photographer-Boudoir-Photog Boudoir Photography

Back in January I hosted a small Boudoir event, after helping my friend, Danielle, with her boudoir mini-sessions. The event went better than I could have hoped for, and I was thrilled with the positive feedback I received from the ladies. They all told me after seeing their images, they felt more confident, and couldn’t believe that was them in the photos.

I absolutely adore showing women how beautiful they really are!

Boudoir Photography

Here’s a love note from Jhamaria, one of the ladies who attended the event back in January:

Here’s the full testimonial (I was so teary eyed reading this!):

Boudoir Photography Let me start off by saying, I LOVE TeAirra! I was recommended by a good friend of mine who actually went to college with her. From the moment we began setting up dates for the boudior mini photoshoot I could tell I was going to really enjoy myself because of her warm spirit she gives off the moment you begin conversation with her!Boudoir Photography

As the week approached to the shoot she was awesome at checking in with me, going over ideas for what to wear, and even the full concept of my vision!  On the day of, she was so welcoming,  offered me a makeup artist and hairstylist,  champagne,  a cute robe to walk around in as she finished prepping everything, and even played my choice of music(so accommodating!)  Typically I am very shy, but the entire vibe (and maybe the champagne&the Beyoncé playing in the background) helped me come out of my shell. TeAirra continously reassured me how great I looked in front of the camera which seriously helped my confidence with being sexy! I would recommend her as a photographer anyday! She even gives you delicious chocolates after the shoot and made sure to remain in touch with me about my photos.

Boudoir Photography There was a bit of a delay on the photobook I had ordered sowhat did she do to accommodate me? Created an app for me for my phone that had a password that I was able to share with my significant other in the meantime until the arrival of all my book! So thankful for her for doing that because it shows she cares about her clients :)

Nevertheless,  I received my little black book of photos and am SO pleased with them. TeAirra brought the beauty out of me through a lens and I honestly cannot thank her enough for doing that for me! Book her for your next photoshoot now!
Jhamaria M.Boudoir Photography

 Boudoir Photography Boudoir Photography

If Jhamaria’s story spoke to you, maybe it’s time you treated yourself to a boudoir session! :) Visit www.teairramitchell.com, and send me a message, I’d love to talk to you about your boudoir experience!

info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) Boudoir Boudoir Photography Photography bay area photographer bay area portrait photographer beautiful maternity photos boudoir boudoir photo shoot boudoir photographer boudoir photography confident sexy testimonial https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/6/Beautiful-Boudoir-Session-Testimonial-Bay-Area-Portrait-Photographer-Boudoir-Photog Fri, 19 Jun 2015 16:44:56 GMT
Baker Beach Nude Maternity Session | Bay Area Portrait Photographer | Maternity Photography https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/5/Baker-Beach-Nude-Maternity-Session-Bay-Area-Portrait-Photographer-Maternity-Photography I’ve been wanting to do a nude maternity session ever since I was pregnant. There’s just something extraordinarily beautiful about the pregnant figure, to me. But, I’ve never had a mama that really wanted to. Until now!

Nude Maternity Photography

I got an email from my website saying “Hey! I have this idea for a shoot that I’m dying to do and I absolutely love your work. Please give me a call.” So I called her, and I almost screamed with excitement when she said “I really want to do a nude shoot outside with my pregnant belly.”

Seriously, I could’ve passed out!

We decided on Baker Beach, because it is a nude beach. And yes, it was very cold, but this mama was determined and so was I!

In between sets, I had her wear my coat and my assistant and I did everything we could to keep her warm. We wrapped up the session in about 45 minutes because I didn’t want the poor girl to suffer any more. But the results were amazing!

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

This mama was really excited to add her son into the images; it was so adorable watching him enjoy the beach (despite the cold), and talk about the baby in mommy’s belly!

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Photography

Baker Beach Nude Maternity Session

Do I want to shoot more of these sessions? OH YEAH! If you, or someone you know is interested in maternity photography services, please visit my website, and send a message through my contact form. I love working with bellies and babies!


info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) Maternity Maternity Photography Baker Beach bay area photographer bay area photography beautiful maternity photos Golden Gate Bridge maternity photographer maternity photography maternity photos maternity session nude maternity nude maternity session SF Maternity Photographer SF Maternity Photogrpaher SF Maternity pictures https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/5/Baker-Beach-Nude-Maternity-Session-Bay-Area-Portrait-Photographer-Maternity-Photography Tue, 19 May 2015 14:58:14 GMT
The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience with Jasmine Star: Day 1 https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/5/The-Complete-Wedding-Photographer-Experience-with-Jasmine-Star-Day-1

image from http://www.creativelive.com

I’m a huge CreativeLive fan!

I believe the only way to grow my business is to constantly research and practice, and CreativeLive is an awesome resource for creative entrepreneurs, like myself.

You might have read my last blog post, about how I lost myself in the struggle to start my portrait business, and came to the realization that I need to stay focused on my vision.

Well, I tuned into CreativeLive today only to hear one of my favorite wedding photographers to talk about every single issue I was struggling with the night before. So, I’ve decided to commit to her 6-week workshop. I’ve been on the look for a new class to take, and today’s class was a major wake-up call. And I think it would be great to add some spice to my wedding services.

Throughout the 6-weeks I’m going to try to blog the class’s affect, here, of course, and once it’s all over, I’m hoping to do a recap. Why? To hold myself accountable and to document my progress.

I’m not going to post my notes or anything like that though, because I respect and appreciate all that CreativeLive and Jasmine Star does for the creative community. I will, however, link you to the workshop

in case you’re interested in tuning in for yourself. =]

I have not been endorsed by CreativeLive and Jasmine Star in any way to promote this workshop, I simply believe that all creatives should tune in to creativelive.com every now and then to see what all they have to offer.


info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) Research and Development CreativeLive CreativeLive Courses Jasmine Star Wedding Photography Workshop https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/5/The-Complete-Wedding-Photographer-Experience-with-Jasmine-Star-Day-1 Tue, 19 May 2015 14:19:03 GMT
RESTART (and some BTS) https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/5/RESTART-and-some-BTS When I started my business, I wanted to give people an experience. I didn’t just want to shoot and burn, but really give my clients something to look forward to, get excited about, and enjoy as much as I did.

I wanted sessions to be booked in person, over tea and coffee, and great conversation.

I wanted to have an amazing time at the sessions; creating portraits, and having fun with my clients.

I wanted to deliver images that made my clients so overcome with joy, they said, “I love it!”

I wanted to build relationships with my clients.

I wanted to send birthday cards to the kids, anniversary gifts to my brides and grooms, and baby gifts to my belly mamas.

I wanted my clients to have a beautiful portrait experience with the images to match.

And somewhere, I lost that vision.

I don’t know if it was the pressure to have outstanding work. Or maybe my desire to make everyone happy. Or even the longing of being recognized in the photography community as a truly great photographer, and not just a “mom with a camera” who shoots and burns.

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve started my portrait business, and although that isn’t much time, I feel like I’ve been around the world with all the experiences I’ve had during this journey.

The more I tried to fit in, the more I lost myself and what I wanted my business to stand for.

Tough times reveal who a person really is. And making it this far has been tough– to say the least. But you know what would have made it easier? Staying true to myself and the vision for my business.

Is my work the greatest out there? I wouldn’t say so, but it’s not too bad for someone who’s only been at it for a year.

Can I make everyone happy? Highly doubtful. In the meantime, I’m going to focus on how I can spread happiness through my photography.

Will I ever be recognized as a great photographer in the photography community? Who knows. But I’ll die trying.

I’ve come to the realization that this is who I really am, and I have no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. And I’ll never get where I want to be trying to tag along for everyone else’s journey.

After a year of trying to figure this whole photography business thing out, I still don’t have all the answers (and trust me, I’ve searched high and low), and I probably never will.

I will, however, get better with time. I can promise that.

I’m done trying to do this to please everyone.

I started this because I had a vision. A vision to make time standstill in 1/250th of a second, so that one moment could last forever.

So that someday, a child could sit in their grandparent’s lap, point to a photo and say, “Who is this?” and hear story after story of all the amazing things accomplished in their family.

I fell in love with photography because it was the easiest way to share a specific moment in time with people.

Everyone knows it: a picture speaks a thousand words. And those words can be anything the photographer wants them to be, all with one click: BOOM. Magic.

It’s that simple to me. And I never should have complicated its simplicity.

Temporarily, I lost touch with myself. But after some reflection, I’m pleased to say I’m back– and I don’t plan to let anyone tell me what I see ever again.

Enjoy these behind the scenes snapshots of me doing some of what I really love: BEACH MATERNITY SESSION!

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

Behind the scenes snapshot of a beach maternity session by Bay Area Portrait photographer TeAirra Mitchell

info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) bay area maternity session bay area photographer bay area photography bay area professional photographer behind the scenes https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/5/RESTART-and-some-BTS Mon, 18 May 2015 03:45:56 GMT
Children Photography – Bay Area Portrait Photographer [Making the Shot] https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/4/Children-Photography-Bay-Area-Portrait-Photographer-Making-the-Shot Whenever I show my husband “before and after” images of my edits, he says something along the lines of, “Oh that’s great babe! Lies…” then walks away and chuckles.

Why is her husband calling her work ‘lies’?” you might be thinking. Well, it’s pretty much because I will go to great lengths in Photoshop to save an image. And I’ll give you a peek into my process, both during the session, and in post-production.

Just bare with me =]

For Easter, I posted a greeting using an image of an adorable little boy I get to work with every so often.

If you saw the Easter greeting, you know: this kid is really super adorable!

Just as adorable as the little guy is, is just as much as he wanted nothing to do with a portrait session.
He cried, and cried…


…and cried some more.

He didn’t like any of the little toys I bring along to children’s sessions, and he really just wanted to cuddle and play with his dad. But since this session was all about the kids, I had to find a way to make him happy without being in Daddy’s arms.

Knowing that Easter was coming soon, I brought along some Easter props in case their parents (the little adorable guy also has a bigger adorable brother) wanted some Easter pictures. Luckily, the little guy really liked the eggs. So, naturally, I took what ever shots I could get.


And it worked out beautifully! He was happy, I got some shots, Mom was happy, and Dad got to take a break.

Then I get home, and see this:

SOOC of Children

a gorgeous shot ruined by grass. *face palm*

The shot was just too beautiful not to attempt to save it, which is where my husband’s “lies” accusation comes into play.


Sure, it took a bit of time to remove the grass, but it was totally worth it!


Thanks for reading this far! I hope you enjoyed the cuteness!

info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) Baby Photography Children's Photography 3 month baby photography bay area children's photographer bay area photographer bayarea baby photographer before and after children's photography children's pictures children's portraits outdoor session photoshop TeAirra Mitchell Photography https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/4/Children-Photography-Bay-Area-Portrait-Photographer-Making-the-Shot Sun, 05 Apr 2015 23:47:58 GMT
Happy Resurrection Sunday! https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/4/Happy-Resurrection-Sunday “It’s not good business sense to talk about religion.”

And, I guess it really isn’t. None the less, I am who I am, and I’m not ashamed.

With that said, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I hope you all had a great time with your families and friends, and have a good week.

Until next time!

Wishing you a Happy Resurrection Sunday, from TeAirra Mitchell Photography

Wishing you a Happy Resurrection Sunday, from TeAirra Mitchell Photography

info@teairramitchell.com (TeAirra Mitchell Photography) https://www.teairramitchell.com/blog/2015/4/Happy-Resurrection-Sunday Sun, 05 Apr 2015 23:03:35 GMT